Raving Fans!!!!

“As a closer, I have enjoyed working with Phil on several transactions.  He has always been very easy to work with and is always willing to help.  When I decided to personally purchase a home, I chose Guaranteed Home Mortgage because I knew they would make every effort to ensure it closes on time.  The true test of a lender is if the buyer thinks that their loan documents just ‘show up’ on the day of closing, as if by magic.  As a closer, I know its not nearly that simple, but in my personal closing, that’s how it appeared, as if by magic.  Thank you to Phil and his staff for making my home purchase as painless as possible.”

Dina H., Navarre, FL

“I am an attorney in NY who handled many a closing for many a person. In my own world I decided to use Phil on a refinance of my home. I can not say enough how great it was to work with him. Phil was the consummate professional who stayed focused and timely in all his affairs. It was a pleased to work this him and I would refer him to whomever I see has a need.”

Kevin C. Selden, NY

First of all I would like to thank you for making our transaction as hassle free as possible. I realize that there were many new regulations put in place as of the first of the year mandated by HUD, which I’m sure added to the multitude of paperwork.It still was a very fast process from start to finish being that we had all our documents in order.

In the end though we felt very comfortable talking with you each step of the way and you never once gave us any reason what’s so ever not to trust you. You were honest and up front from the get go. The final straw in choosing your company though was the A+ rating and lack of complaints from the BBB.

If we ever have the chance to come across somebody else looking to re-finance their mortgage rest assured we would most definitely would recommend “Phil Heppding from GHMC”.

Dennis & Cheryl J. MacMillan


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