Posted by: ghmcpc | February 22, 2010

Not far to go to visit the in-laws!!!!!

An interesting trend pointed out by our friends at CNBC. 

“More generations are living under the same roof and the trend will deepen as U.S. families grappling with near double-digit unemployment share expenses, a study showed Monday”

According to a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Parsippany, New Jersey, “(t)hirty-seven percent of the company’s real estate agents polled in January said that in the past year, buyers were increasingly shopping for homes that fit more than one generation.”

While this study is done in the Northeastern part of the country and may contain ZERO relevance for those of us living in the Sunshine State, it begs the question….Would you consider buying a home with the parents or in-laws in mind?

Please let me know through a comment and your vote….

To read the full article, feel free to visit



  1. We are about to build, and not that I even gave it a thought til Amanda said she would like to at least consider it. We are going put a bathroom in basement (man cave) but also lay it out so that we could have a bedroom that mother-in-law could stay in. At the time we discussed this in-law was out of job, but now she has a good job, and all looks good.

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